All You Need to Know About Building Cleaning

by | Mar 11, 2016 | News and Events

Investing in building cleaning services will not only improve the appearance of your premises and your business as a result, removing unwanted dirt, grime or graffiti from your building’s exterior or vicinity will also create a better and safer environment for employees, customers or the general public. If you’re considering getting your building cleaned you may have a few questions about the process and its impact on your business, financially and operationally:

How often should I get my building cleaned?

How often your building will need cleaning will depend upon several factors which your contractor will run through with you, such as the type of façade, when the last clean was carried out and how well it was done, as well as your budget and other requirements. Generally, harder surfaces such as concrete or brick will require more frequent cleaning. If you’re considering a regular building cleaning service, the frequency will also be determined by the type of construction, your building’s location and its exposure to pollution and acid rain.


How much will it cost?

Again, the cost of cleaning and improving the appearance of your building will depend upon the type of façade and the type and level of dirt, contamination or staining. Some methods will be more cost-effective than others as less technology or resources are needed for a high quality clean. In addition, every building will require different levels of site protection and access equipment, which may affect the cost to complete the job. For a more cost-effective solution, you could opt for just the front façade being regularly cleaned, and the rest of the exterior getting a professional clean on a more periodic basis.

What does it involve?

The cleaning methods will usually involve a combination of brushing, soaking and spraying acidic cleaners, strippers and detergents, and low or high water pressure. The techniques used will be greatly influenced by the type of façade, however your provider will need to perform patch tests to find the mildest solution that will provide the desired clean without damaging the building.

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Will it cause disruption to my business?

Choose a building cleaning service that can appropriately accommodate your working needs, whether that’s working out of hours, or protecting access to entrances and pedestrian areas so that people can still carry on with their normal activities. Rope access equipment may also speed up the cleaning process and reduce the manpower needed, which will also help to minimise disruption for your business.

What impact will it have on the environment?

Cleaning products and methods in general have become more eco-friendly over the years, as the majority of companies use steam cleaning and minimise the use of harsh chemicals where possible. Building cleaning companies are more aware of how their products and processes affect the environment and as such, should be compliant with strict environmental regulations to protect the surface substrates of buildings and the surrounding landscape.

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