Deep Cleaning Project in Sutton Coldfield

by | Jul 5, 2018 | News and Events

We’re delighted to have completed a recent deep cleansing programme in the main shopping district of Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham.

A large-scale project that incorporated High Street, Mill Street, Birmingham Road and the central ‘Parade’ retail area, our team used state-of-the-art floor skating techniques to leave the area clean and surrounding surfaces and paving looking refreshed.

deep cleaning

The primary focus of these works was the removal of significant ingrained dirt and staining on pavements and commercial buildings in the area, with additional attention required to clear a heavy build-up of discarded chewing gum across all affected areas.

The works in Sutton Coldfield were performed to our usual high standard and on schedule, with our skilled operators opting for a balanced combination of temperature and pressure to ensure that the street surfaces were cleaned thoroughly and left in excellent condition. For this project we used our highly effective jet-cleaning equipment, capable of delivering a 100-degree high-pressured steam treatment that makes easy work of cleansing even the toughest dirt and grime.

We always aim to cause minimal disruption for retailers and the public when performing town centre cleaning, so the majority of the work for this project were undertaken during the evening, at night time and in the early morning before busy periods for commuters and pedestrians.

This work was performed as part of our ongoing partnership with the Sutton Coldfield Business Improvement District (BID). The BID is an independent, non-profit organisation led and funded by businesses in Sutton Coldfield town centre who aim to make on-going improvements for shoppers and businesses in the area.

Sutton Coldfield

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