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Exterior Building cleaning

We offer safe, environmentally responsible cleaning solutions for all external buildings including those which are difficult to access. We have highly trained High Rope operatives who are trained under the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) to work safely at a height to undertake any cleaning requirements.

street cleaning

Street Cleaning

Ramora is the leading provider of street cleaning in the UK and is now operating in Ireland. We have the ability to respond to any brief however large or small and quickly within an agreed timescale. We have delivered this service for over 20 years and have built a reputation for delivering a safe, effective hassle-free cleaning service for the biggest Councils in Europe using our experienced and highly trained operatives. One of our specialist machines, which uses the perfect combination of temperature and pressure depending on the surface and state, can deep clean up to 1000 square metres in one shift. We also make sure we ‘seal’ our surfaces which maintains the cleanliness for longer and we can even undertake repairs to existing surfaces e.g., re-sand block paving joints, replacing line markings whilst we have areas cordoned off.

Forecourt Cleaning

– Ramora leads the field in petrol station forecourt cleaning for many global petrol retail companies including BP, Shell and ASDA. We sustainably remove oil, dirt, and grime which have accumulated over years. All our operatives hold Petroleum Safety Passport certificates and can also provide maintenance and decoration services whilst we are on site.

chewing gum removal

Chewing Gum removal

Carelessly discarded chewing gum is still the main food related litter issue for many towns and cities. Ramora Ireland have specialist services to use high pressure steam and safe detergent to rid any surface, pavement, pedestrianised area of gum deposits effectively.

Graffiti removal

Not every graffiti artist is a Banksy so if your graffiti is unwanted, we can remove it safely, leaving the surface clean and renewed.

Graffiti damages wood, metal, bricks and tarmac as soon as it’s applied. Our Ramora team is experienced in identifying the source of materials used and the solution for its removal. It’s important to understand that not all graffiti is the same. Whilst the graffiti itself can be highly offensive, promote hatred and discrimination the incorrect attempt to remove it can end up causing more unsightly damage.

chewing gum removal

RATA trained technicians for high rise cleaning challenges

IRATA stands for Industrial Rope Access Trade Association, which was formed in the UK in the late 1980’s, to solve maintenance challenges in the offshore oil and gas industry. Its formation was the result of an initiative of leading companies, who had begun to use industrial rope access techniques, to provide a safe working environment for the industry. Ramora Ireland can provide IRATA trained technicians who can work safely at a height.
safety summit platforms in use throughout building cleaning

Exterior Retail cleaning

We work with retailers on any cleaning brief and especially focus on carparks, entrances, facias, signage to make sure our customers are projecting their best possible environment and duty of care towards their clientele.
chewing gum removal

Carpark cleaning

Car Parks no matter how old should be constantly cleaned, odourless and approachable. Even ensuring the car park line markings are visible and the chewing gum and graffiti is removed subconsciously makes people feel safe. From the sanitisation of car park payment machines Ramora have the correct car park cleaning machines. It’s necessary to ensure these are cleaned daily and can provide advice on how to minimise the spread of viruses. We understand first impressions go along way! Using state of the art cleaning machinery with our 20 years of experience removing hazardous waste removal we can bring your car parks back to life.

FACT “Customers who do not feel safe leaving their cars in your car park are far less likely to visit YOUR business!”

These impressions don’t have to be long lasting. With a one-off deep clean or periodic car park cleaning, you can restore consumer confidence and give your customers a pleasant and welcoming experience.

With operating times that fit around you, downtime and disruption are minimised and, in some cases, can even be avoided completely. Not only are we able to bring your car park floor back to an “as new” like state, we can also complete thorough cleaning of walls, ceilings, high access areas (such as stairwells) and eliminate any foul odours from humans or rodents.


Street washing

Utilising the Falch skater Ramora can deep clean up to 1000 square metres in a shift.

With leading-edge technology and trained, experienced operators Ramora is the leading supplier of street cleaning services in the UK.

Our specialist, imported pressure steam generating equipment leaves block paving, paving slabs and concrete looking as new. We use lances and other specialist skater equipment to produce fantastic results. Our skilled operators select the perfect combination of temperature and pressure to not only ensure that the surface is cleaned of all dirt but also discarded chewing gum and stains.

Ramora can also ensure that the surface is sealed so that the clean finish is maintained longer than normal as well as re-sand block paving joints.

chewing gum removal

Subway cleaning

Using a Falch T30 Ramora can clean a Subway up to 1000 metres from the machine. With our skilled and professional operatives, Ramora are able to clean subways of dirt, grime, stains and chewing gum and provide a full deep clean.

For more information on our subway cleaning services, please contact us via the enquiry form below or by calling the Ramora offices on 353 1443 4612 where one of our team will be happy to assist.

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